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Small Joys

May 5th
red sails, Dartmouth  A sunny day in May, barefooted in sandals, a coffee  in one hand a doughnut in the other. A seat in the  sun by the river, the high tide is slowing turning as I  watch a man around my own age preparing his boat  for a trip. Part of me is concerned that he does not  wear a life jacket which I answer with an assumption  that he knows what he’s doing.

 My attention drifts to a coot that is following a male  and female duck, I wonder if the coot thinks it’s a  duck unlike the male duck who warns the coot off.  The female meanwhile has jumped up to perch on  red buoy, the coot wants to join her but has no idea  how to do it and is unaware that there is only room  for one bird on the buoy. The female drops off the  buoy, joins her mate and both drift off downstream. The coot is now on the buoy.

I generally avoid doughnuts as I find sugar on my hands and lips annoying but today I enjoy licking sugar from my top lip. The man is now in an inflatable without a life jacked, I shrug internally and reach for my new library book.

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