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Research, support, activism and individual exploration of ageing is becoming mainstream as the proportion of older people in the population increases. With so much information available it can often be somewhat overwhelming, where to start, how not to drown in millions of words!

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Ageism During Covid-19

One of the many disturbing aspects of way the UK responded to the emergency was the instances of endemic ageism. This was being picked up by some sections of the media and I have referenced examples below. I think it is important to aware of these prejudices in order that they can be addressed.. We need to remember so we can affect change.

Sky News: "Older people will 'rebel and risk prison' if forced to be locked down longer" May 3rd

The Guardian: "It's very lonely’: older people's fears of extended lockdown" April 29th

The Guardian, Reporting Age Concern: "Longer lockdown for over-70s 'could create sense of victimisation' " April 29th

Age Concern: "Is a lengthy lockdown for older people on the way?" April 26th

The Guardian: "Coronavirus has deepened prejudice against older people", April 26th

The Guardian: Government not denying that older people could face extended lockdown, April 23rd

Social Market Foundation (Blairite think tank): Report published 14th April, 2020: "Replacing the triple lock with a “double lock” that removed the 2.5% promise would save £20 billion over five years, the SMF estimated,"

The Guardian: "Ministers urged to include care home deaths in daily UK coronavirus toll", April 10th

The Guardian: Guidance on older patients is immoral and illegal, April 7th

iNews: 'We are concerned about some of the discourse around Covid-19, in which the impact on older people is dismissed'

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