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Felice Rhiannon

The birth of ElderSpirit was certainly unexpected…you might even say it was an accident.

After reading “From Aging to Sage-ing” by Zalman Schacheter-Shalomi Felice Rhiannon began writing short essays about conscious ageing…reflections on her ageing journey. She mentioned them to a friend and who suggested they would be perfect as a blog. A bit daunted, Felice began, knewing it didn’t really matter if no one read them. They would occupy a space in the virtual world.

And so ElderSpirit was born as a blog. Slowly, a need grew to share her experiences reading the book, using many of the practices and journaling processes, and finding a deep acceptance and vibrant welcome for her ageing. Following her curiosity and, after a year-long training with Sage- International (, Felice became a Certified Workshop Leader.

ElderSpirit as a website and portal grew from there. ElderSpirit now hosts workshops, Wisdom Circles and labyrinth walks. Many of the workshops follow the designs of Sage-ing International’s “Awakening the Sage Within” and “Deepening the Sage Within”. Others are created as the need arises for specific groups. Each one creates bonds of connection with like-minded, like-hearted people.

Also in its offerings, ElderSpirit is available for one-to-one sessions for those who prefer a more personal exploration of the joys and challenges of ageing.

Please visit ElderSpirit for our current offerings.

About the Author

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 Felice Rhiannon is a Certified Sage-ing Leader,  facilitating workshops in conscious ageing and  spiritual eldering. She serves her Brighton  community as a OneSpirit interfaith minister, spiritual  counsellor, and celebrant for all of life’s transitions.  Before she "retired" Felice worked as a yoga  therapist, specialising in teaching people people over  50 and those living with cancer. She blogs regularly  and can often be found writing in one of the city’s  many cafes.

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