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Dartington January 2021

January 27th

heron in water

 I stood at the edge of the flooded field,
 as the grey heron stepped through the water.
 A young woman stood watching too.
 Turning away our eyes caught
 and her smile warmed this old man’s soul.

 Later, standing in a field by the river
 listening to the woodpecker’s urgent tapping
 and the robin’s cheerful song of renewal,
 the women who have touched my life come to mind
 with a tenderness I wish had been mine at twenty.

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what comes next? January 15th, 2021

dead leaves  There are times when we feel rudderless, adrift  between an old direction and not yet having a new  direction. The old framework has gone and we are  yet to form a new one. Often it is a time of loss,  sometimes of grief, as by choice or not we leave  what was and stand in a field of not knowing.

 It is uncomfortable and takes courage to stay with  not knowing, to be prepared to wait while what is to  be gestates. We want to know, we want a plan and  the danger is that we might fall back to what was  and stifle what is developing.

 Often we look for reassurance outside of  ourselves and forget our inner resources. Being  with ourselves in the present moment, taking that deep breath that brings us back to our bodies, right here and right now. Being kind and gentle with ourselves, not listening to our inner critic. Simple action that we can access any time and and anywhere whilst we wait to see what comes next.

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